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Space Rovers NFT

The Space Rovers is a celebration of space exploration and proceeds go towards raising awareness of space missions in the past, present, and future and building a functional 3d Space Rover in the Metaverse.

Our Collection is brought to you by @TheCryptowow on Twitter.


  • Luke Smith Twitter: @TheCryptoWOW
  • theowayne.tez  Twitter: @TezWhale
  • Patrick Hereford Twitter: @phereford
  • J Remy Lee Twitter: @J_Remy_Lee
  • Stefhan Orlando Twitter: @stefhanorlando

Space Rovers Road Map

  • 80 one on one Space Rover Called “Dead Rover” Minted in 2021-2022 – Done .
  • Minting started of The genius collection of 500 Generative Space Date : March 2022. Done.
  • Creation of two Space Rover Songs to promote the Space Rovers by May 2022. (50% done) Formation of Space Rover Radio – High quality NFT Music relating to Sci-Fiction and promotion on other NFT spaces with audio. May 2022.
  • Ongoing Marketing and Community growing with 5 K Twitter followers July 2022. New Generative Collection of a 3D Rover with Metaverse Functionality 2023

Space Rovers NFT Utilities

Besides amazing art work holders of our Space Rovers NFT get the following utilities adding even more value to their investment upon minting out or completing our 500 sales of the Space Rovers.

  • 1% Stake in the development of a 3d functional Space Rover in the Meters up to 25% total.
  • Regular Airdrops where we send you free Premium artwork both relating to the Space Rovers and from our community fund of collected NFT artwork.
  • Support of your own NFT project on our Twitter account
  • Limited custom merchandise to USA holders in the way of Stickers, T-Shirts.


Space Rovers Music


Making the Space Rovers NFT project has been a lot of hard work and our first song details how we hustle and how Space Rovers Supports our community. Take a listen 🙂

Space Rovers Theme Song by OTis AWEburn